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FoundationOne® Liquid CDx is an extensively validated, comprehensive liquid biopsy test for solid tumours utilizing circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA).
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    FoundationOne Liquid CDx is suited for use in all solid cancers including NSCLC, breast, ovarian and prostate cancer
    Two tubes of peripheral whole blood (8.5mL per tube)
    ≤10 days

What is FoundationOne Liquid CDx?

FoundationOne Liquid CDx is a liquid biopsy test that provides targeted gene results across 324 genes as well as microsatellite instability (MSI), and blood tumour mutational burden (bTMB) results, which can help inform next-steps for advanced-stage cancer patients using a minimally invasive sample type. By analyzing ctDNA with our comprehensive genomic profiling approach and providing curated reports, FoundationOne Liquid CDx may empower providers to make more informed clinical decisions even when tissue is not ideal.


FoundationOne Liquid CDx

  1. A single liquid biopsy test that assesses all four main classes of genomic alterations in 324* cancer-related genes across a wide range of solid tumours1,2
  2. Reports MSIa and bTMB, which can help inform the use of immunotherapies1,2.
  3. Reports Tumour Fraction as a measure of the likelihood of detecting genomic alterations in the liquid biopsy sample1,2.
  4. Requires only two 8.5mL tubes of blood

* 309 genes with complete exon coverage, 15 genes with select intronic or non-coding regions only

a. MSI status will be reported for samples determined to have high microsatellite instability.

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We provide physicians with options for ordering FoundationOne Liquid CDx for patients including fax and phone. Healthcare providers must first complete a test requisition form to start the process and can expect results within 10 days from the time blood specimen is received at the lab location.

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FoundationOne Liquid CDx is ordered by your healthcare provider. Our patient info kit has all the information you and your doctor need to discuss FoundationOne Liquid CDx testing.

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Health Care Practitioners

FoundationOne Liquid CDx can be ordered by fax or by phone. Please review and complete the provider resources before ordering.

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